Caips Notes

CAIPS Notes and GCMS Notes

A CAIPS Note document contains all the information about the application, the entire process of application and well-documented reason for refusal or approval filed with Canadian Immigration.
IRCC uses the following three systems to electronically store the complete records about the visa applications for current and future references:

CAIPS (Computer-aided Immigration Processing System)

Computer-aided Immigration Processing System, CAIPS refers to a database of processed applications. The immigration offices outside Canada maintain records of immigration application as CAIPS Notes for current and future references.

GCMS (Global Case Management System)

Global Case Management System, a more specific record of application files, is more popular among the companies. GCMS Notes helps to trail the comments of the handling officer. This helps future applicants to pick up knowledge of their flaws and a realization of the viewing pattern of the officials.

FOSS (Field Operations Support System)

When the immigration officials destroy paper files to clear the clutter according to their file retention policy, they store the soft copy in the Field Operations Support System (FOSS) for future references. The notes in FOSS must not erode the written decision.
On your account, we can request for CAIPS/GCMS Notes from Canadian immigration. Usually, the time is 30 days for a response, some cases take more time nevertheless, from the time of application to receive your information. The time taken by the authorities depends on an individual application and its records. These notes have a coded format, unreadable enough for apprentices. We, at CMC immigration, decode them for you and make them legible to help you, thus providing valuable information on the current status and future processing of your application.


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