Super Visa

Super Visa

A super visa is a kind of visit visa which has been specified for parents or grandparents of permanent residents orCanadian citizens. It can allow super visa holders to live in Canada up to 2 years without any need of renew their status. This visa can help the parents and grandparents to stay in Canada temporarily. However, to get permanent residence the parents and grandparents need to be sponsored by their children or grandchildren.

Generally, super visa is a kind of visitor visa but there is a difference in both of these categories. The major different between these two visa options is the duration of stay for which a visa holder is allowed to stay in Canada. Visitor visa is usually valid for 6-month time period. However, to ensure a prolonged stay you can go for a super visa.

How to apply?

You can submit a paper application at a visa center or apply online to get a super visa. However, in either case you need to prove that you are a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen.Even more, your application must include an invitation letter from your child or grandchild which includes plans of your care and number of members living in his or her household in Canada. You also have to demonstrate that you are holding a private health insurance from any insurance company of Canada. Also, the validity of this insurance must be of at least one year. While, your grandchild or child also need to demonstrate that they have enough funds to take care of youin Canada properly. For this, they need to meet minimum low cut-off requirements.

If you want to stay in Canada for more than two years, then you can also apply for an extension in your super visa when needed.

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