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Should I hire one of the best immigration lawyers in Surrey for a visa ?


When you have an immigration lawyer on your side, getting a Canadian visa, PR, or citizenship is just a few steps away. Although consulting with an immigration lawyer is not compulsory; however, one of the best immigration lawyers in Surrey can boost your prospects. Moreover, they can represent you in the federal court if you encounter any litigation or inadmissibility issues.

An immigration attorney can help you resolve any issues, anticipate and prevent problems before they arise. To know more about the importance of an immigration lawyer, read this blog.


Top 5 reasons behind hiring the best immigration lawyers in Surrey

Some of the most essential reasons behind hiring one of the best immigration lawyers in Surrey are:

1. Inadmissibility

You don’t have to rob a bank or murder to be judged criminally inadmissible to Canada; even minor offenses can land you on the IRCC’s red flag list. A conviction for risky driving or minor shoplifting, for example, could be a difficulty.

There are ways to get a felony conviction expunged from your record and get admittance to Canada by a person aware of federal laws. Canadian immigration consultants or lawyers are updated with these regulations and have numerous similar experiences.

Those whose health conditions may pose a threat to public health & safety or who may place an undue burden on health or social services are denied entrance under Canada’s immigration regulations. However, an immigration lawyer can guide with legal aspects to overcome the sticking point.


2.Program selection

It’s a fact that some Canadian immigration programs are more complicated than others. If you’re perplexed right now, it would be good to hire someone who knows everything about various PNPs, occupation lists, net worth thresholds, etc. Some of the best immigration lawyers in Surrey or licensed consultants can help you with the nitty-gritty and most suitable options for you.


3.Turn away refusal

An immigration lawyer can analyze your application and advise you on its merits, shortcomings, errors, or omissions in terms of legal aspects. They can also show the prospective method to overcome the issues. This benefit can help you save a lot of money, time, and emotional energy.



4.Legal litigations

An immigration lawyer can represent clients in case of legal litigations on various law boards in Canada like:

  • Board of Immigration and Refugees
  • Division of Immigration
  • Court of Federal Claims


6.Legal documentation

The best immigration lawyers in Surrey can help you with all legal documentation related to:

  • Appealing a removal order
  • Immigration Division (ID), Immigration Appeal Division (IAD), Refugee Division (RD), and Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) cases;
  • IAD appeals and RAD appeals cases.
  • Examine, write, file student visas, admittance inquiries, refugee hearings, sponsorship appeals, and citizenship appeals.
  • Applications, assessing, analyzing, and submitting profiles for PNP.


How to find one of the best immigration lawyers in Surrey?

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