Ontario PNP

Ontario province,situated in central Canada is a well-known destination for immigrants.The province hosts capital city of nation Ottawa as well as Canada’s economic hub Toronto. While, the Ontario PNP offering a collection of immigrants’pathways to enable foreign nationals become permanent residents of Canada. However, this strategy has been designed strategically to attract foreign nationals in areas which can benefit the province.

The Ontario PNP’s immigration streams have been divided into 3 major categories

  • Ontario Human Capital
  • Ontario Business
  • The Ontario Employer Job Offer

Ontario Human Capital

This stream is encompassing arange of immigration streams which are mainly targetingcandidates for labor force of Ontario. These streams are emphasizing abilities, experience and skills which allows foreign nationals to joinOntario human capital force easily. Candidates who have work experience or required education, proficiency in French or English language and express entryprofile may have success in theseimmigration streams.

Streams under this program are

  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker – Express Entry
  • Human Capital Priorities – Express Entry
  • Skilled Trades – Express Entry

Ontario Employer Job Offer

This stream has designed for the foreign immigrants who have gotten a job offer from any employer of Ontario. However, it is necessary for the job and employer to meet certain requirements in order to become permanent Canadian residency under this stream. Here are the streams under this program for which candidates can apply

  • In-Demand Skills
  • Foreign Worker
  • International Student with a Job Offer

Ontario Business

This stream is targeting worthy corporations and entrepreneurswho want to make some significant investment in Ontario.With this immigration stream corporations and entrepreneurs with successful track record canlaunch their business projects.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investor
  • Corporators

These are some of the best immigration streams which come under Ontario PNP program.

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