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How can an immigration Consultant in Surrey guide to enhancing CRS score?


You have a better chance of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry with a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Canada boasts one of the most modern immigration procedures in the world with Express Entry. It was created by Canadian authorities in January 2015 to better align immigrants’ capabilities with the needs of the labor market.

Candidates under Express Entry are given a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The federal government selects the top candidates and sends out Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. Hence, increasing the CRS score is crucial to ensure your prospect of getting PR. An immigration Consultant in Surrey can guide you with keystrokes to enhance your CRS score.


Factors influencing CRS Score


The CRS assigns a candidate score based on the information in their profile. Any wrong information, inappropriate data, or false documentation can adversely affect the score. An expert and authorized immigration consultant in Surrey can guide you to avoid any mistake or deviation from points of eligibility.


Candidates in the pool can be rated using these scores. The following factors are used to assign points to applicants:


  • Work experience and skills
  • Education.
  • Ability to communicate in English and/or French.
  • The applicant’s spouse or common-law partner’s language skills and Education.
  • Possession of a job offer that is backed up by a favorable Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • Possession of a permanent residence nomination from the provincial government.
  • Certain combinations of language skills, Education, and work experience increase the applicant’s chances of landing a job.


All applicants can earn points in a variety of areas. Make yourself think about each factor one at a time and ask yourself, “How can I enhance my score in this area?”

At this level, the role of an immigration Consultant in Surrey is very crucial. They can help you to calculate the CRS depending on various PNP requirements and other eligibility parameters.


What are crucial CRS scores to benefit your profile?


The CRS score total is 1,200 points; however, 500 is the average score. To be eligible for a PR visa through the Express Entry system, you must have a score of 67. Once you’ve been determined to be eligible, you’ll need a high CRS score.

All you need to know is the CRS calculation process and critical points of the Express Entry system. Here an immigration Consultant in Surrey can help with clear facts and figures about CRS points to crack your goals.

Nailing on those points will enhance your credibility on the Express Entry system and the possibility to get permanent residency or a letter of invitation.

How can you enhance your CRS Score?

According to our experience as an immigration Consultant in Surrey, the following points can help you to increase your score:

  • Apply for PNP draws
  • Get an appointment letter from an LMIA approved company
  • Enhance your educational degrees
  • Apply for spousal and family sponsorship
  • Enhance work experience in Canada
  • Improve language score
  • Calculate and take an informed decision


CMC Immigration Services is one of the most renowned immigration consultancy firms with a team of IRCC certified consultants. Our team has vast knowledge and experience on immigration norms. We have a track record of helping numerous Canadian immigrants to achieve their career goals. For more on Express Entry and the Canadian immigration process, connect with us and fill up the assessment form. We are more than happy to answer your queries and assist you step-by-step in your immigration journey.


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