Federal Skill Trade Class

Requirements for Federal Skill Trades Class

Federal skill trades class is another opportunity for highly competitive candidates to apply for permanent Canadian residence. This program is using Comprehensive ranking system to rank competitive candidates against each other. For qualified trade people this can be an efficient opportunity to obtain permanent Canadian residence with right to work and live here permanently.

Here are the requirements which candidates need to fulfill to submit anExpress entry profile:

Work Experience

  • To apply for FST, candidate must have at least 2 years of work experience for full-time in a skilled trade.
  • This experience must be obtained within last 5 years.
  • Work experience will be considered only after candidate has been granted the trade practice certification in the country of their residence.

NOC code of Canada is defining Skilled trades as per following occupational groups

  • For electric, construction and electrical trades, major group 72.
  • Major group 73 for equipment operation and maintenancetrade.
  • For technical and supervisors’jobs in agriculture, natural resources and related departments, Major Group 82.
  • For central control operators and manufacturing, utilities, and processing supervisors, Major Group 92.
  • Minor Group 632 for cooks and chefs
  • For bakers and butchers, Minor Group 633


  • Candidates must reach a minimum CLB (CanadianLanguage Benchmark)level 4 on any approved French and English language.

Employment Connection

  • Candidate must have a full-time employment offer for any position for 12 months at least.
  • Candidate must have a qualification certificate in his skilled trade issued by Canadian Territorial or provincial authority.


  • Candidate must intend to live anywhere outside Quebec.

With all of these requirements fulfilled, candidate can submit an Express entry profile.

However, when submitting an entry level profile candidate must submit following documents too

  • Test results of language proficiency.
  • Identification documents.

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