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Everything you need to know about calculating Canadian Citizenship Eligibility


Your consistent physical presence for more than 3 past years out of the previous 5 years is highly important to get Canadian citizenship. This implies that you are staying in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days immediately before applying for Canadian citizenship.

Besides, if your age is above 18 years, you should hold a permanent resident card for a minimum of 2 years. If you are PR, then one full day stay is considered as one day and for temporary residents, it is considered as half day. To know more about citizenship calculation read on the blog.


How is physical presence calculated for Canadian citizenship eligibility?

Physical presence for Canadian citizenship eligibility are as followings:


  • Permanent Residents

After getting permanent residency, staying in Canada each day is one full day to get citizenship eligibility.


  • Temporary Resident

Before getting PR, if you have temporary residence, each day’s stay counts as half day. In this way, you can make a maximum of up to 365 days. Hence, as a temporary resident staying in Canada for the past 3 years would only provide 365 days count towards citizenship.


  • No temporary residence before permanent residence

In case you didn’t have temporary residence before getting permanent residence then your total number of stays in Canada should be a minimum of 1095 days. This implies 3 years stay out of the last 5 years.


  • Refugee claimants or Pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA) candidate

Your stay in Canada with a study or work permit, refugee claim, or PRRA is not applicable under temporary resident status. Hence, this period of stay is not applicable to make you eligible for citizenship.


  • PRRA claiming time

After receiving a positive decision on the claim as PRRA, until getting PR, the stay time is calculated as half-day for one full day stay.


  • Stay in prison

Days you stay in prison, probation, or parole will not be under calculation of eligibility. However, your time on probation due to conditional discharge will be undercount, in case there is no breach of parole.

If the imprisonment has taken place 5 years before applying for citizenship, then you do not have to mention the same during the application process.



Details of other eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship eligibility

Here is the rundown of other eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship:


  • Language proficiency

You should have good communication proficiency in English or French language. To give proof of the same you have to appear for the test if your age is between 18-54 years and meet Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 or higher.


  • Income Tax Returns

You might need the income tax returns of minimum three years before the date of application.



  • Criminal history

You should be devoid of any criminal history to resist the prohibition of citizenship by IRCC.


  • Knowledge of citizenship right

You should have a fair knowledge of the rights, duties, political system, history, and geography of Canada and you have to appear for the test if your age is between 18-54 years.

Most importantly, on accomplishing all eligibility criteria you should submit an application, with documents, and processing fees to IRCC. To avoid any miscalculation or wrong application process, you may take assistance from an IRCC authorized immigration Consultant.


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