Employer Requirement for BC-PNP

British Columbia located on the West coast of Canada is famous for its Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains. However, labor force requirements and economic growth of this province are making it one of the best places for immigration. BC PNP is an amazing collection of immigration pathways which helps foreign nationals to become permanent Canadian residents in BC. BC PNP’s collection of offers has been designed to attract immigrants in this area to benefit the economic growth of the province. The immigration streams of BC PNP have been divided into two major categories:

  • British Columbia Skills Immigration
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

This program is targeting foreign nationals with effective track record of success in respective fields. Even more, this stream is also targeting foreign organizations with successful track records in business management, ownership and investment. Entrepreneurs with momentous personal net-worth and corporates who are having higher annual revenue can also apply under this program. All of these candidates can immigrate to British Columbia through new enterprise’ establishment in the province.

Overall, there exist multiple streams which come under these programs to benefit foreign nationals.

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British Columbia Skills Immigration:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Healthcare Professional
  • International Graduate
  • International Post Graduate
  • Semi-skilled Worker/Entry Level



Skilled Worker 

For high demand occupations that fall under NOC O, A or B; British Columbia requires skilled workers. Skilled Immigration-Skilled Worker category of BC PNP is a gateway for management personals, professionals, technicians and other skilled traders to acquire permanent residence in BC.


Healthcare Professional 

Physicians, specialists, nurses and allied health professionals who wish to work in BC can apply and acquire permanent residency through Healthcare Professional category.


International Graduate 

If you have graduated with a valid qualification from an eligible Canadian college or university with in the last three years, you can acquire permanent residence in BC through International Graduate category.


International Post Graduate

If you have graduated with a masters or doctoral degree in natural, applied or health sciences from an institute of British Columbia, you can acquire permanent residence in BC through International Post Graduate BC PNP category.


Semi-Skilled Worker/Entry Level Category 

Workers currently working in BC in a valid tourism/hospitality occupation, food processing industry, long haul trucking occupation or NOC (C, D) occupation in Northeast Development Region of BC can apply to acquire permanent residence in BC through Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Worker BC PNP category.

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