Caregiver Immigration

Caregiver Immigration

Canada is recognizing the importance of work done by caregivers. Because caregivers are the workers who can support our seniors, children, and others who needcare options. Therefore, Canada has managed different programs to help caregivers with searching their work and getting permanent residencewithin Canada.

Caregiver immigration programs

Here are the immigration programs of Canada for caregivers

Home Child care provider

This is a temporary immigration program. However, caregivers can get permanent residence under this program if they have work experience in their field. However, this program is targeting workers to Canada on temporary work permits as Home Child Care Providersunder NOC 4411. While, these candidates have the ability to apply for permanent residence in Canada. However, these candidates are allowed to apply for permanent residence after getting enough Canadian work experience.

However, candidates can apply for permanent residence under this program if

  • They are able to meet minimum education and language requirements.
  • They have gotten Canadian work experience of at least 2 years in home child care provider field.

Care provider for people with high medical needs

This pathway has aligned by Canadian government with Temporary foreign worker class. This program is allowing foreign nationals to apply to get a work permit through the TFWP. However, candidate can apply for this only if he or she has a LIMA supported job by an employer of Canada. However, applicant must have experience of any of these in-demand occupations

  • NOC 4412
  • NOC3413
  • NOC 3233
  • NOC 3012

Requirements for this program

You can apply for this immigration class if you have at least 2 years of working experience as

  • A licensed practical nurse
  • A registered nurse
  • Home support worker
  • A nurse orderly or aide

However, minimum language and educational requirements are also necessary for this to meet.

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