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Canadian Immigration update on modernizing processing time & system


“I know that processing delays have been incredibly frustrating for many individuals. Helping clients come to Canada quickly, with predictable processing times and efficient communication with IRCC, remains a top priority for me,” – said Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser.


Hence, he laid out modernizing plans to get the immigration system back on track. Canada set aside an $85 million budget to decrease processing times and improve all IRCC lines of immigration activities.


Moreover, in the minister’s mandate letter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to reduce the processing time for study permits, work permits, and permanent residency card renewals. Canada aims to speed up the processing of visiting permits and citizenship applications. To know more about immigration updates on modernizing read on the blog.


What projects are on the pipeline of immigration updates on modernizing?


Canada aims to take final decisions on 147,000 permanent residents in the first quarter of 2022. However, internal IRCC documents reveal that the department’s actual processing times for economic immigration programs are significantly longer than what has been written on the government website.


In reference to the same Fraser said, by Feb 2022 IRCC will publish a tracker tool to estimate the real processing time to track application status for all immigrants. This is a major move; hence an important immigration update on modernizing.


Moreover, Fraser added that they are expanding the use of advanced data analytics to assist officers in sorting and processing visitor visa applications filed from outside Canada to help speed up the application processing operations.


The system has the capacity to check routine files 87 percent faster, resulting in some applicants obtaining decisions sooner while maintaining program integrity. Although the final decision will always be made by an IRCC officer, this method will improve client service by assisting IRCC in managing the growing volume of visitor visa applications.


How has the IRCC implemented systems to cut down immigration processing time?


IRCC has taken the following steps to provide transparent, meaningful, and timely information to applicants by the following means:


  • Appointed 500 processing staffs
  • Processing application through digitalization process
  • Relocated internal employees in different provinces to expedite pathway immigration
  • Self-administer the oath-taking process by attestation.


The IRCC has moved several paper-based immigration programs to an online process. The online application gateway will start operation in the spring or summer of 2022. According to the IRCC, this process has reduced the time for spousal sponsorship to 12 months, which is standard for new applications.


IRCC has given access to permanent residency candidates to complete their applications without visiting the IRCC office, and get the card by postal delivery. This portal has been previously used by 225,000 permanent residents in 2021, June to Dec.


The IRCC ensures that immigration procedures are done in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner. Their officers are taught to evaluate all applications on the same set of criteria.


Immigration is responsible for nearly all of Canada’s labor force growth. Immigration accounts for over 75% of Canada’s population increase. Immigrants reduce labor shortages, drive economic growth, and enrich Canadian communities. Hence, they are vigilant for immigration updates on modernizing processing.

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