Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience class is a program which comes under Express entry system’s immigration program. However, Canadian Experience Class is using a comprehensive ranking system (CRS). This system can rank all of the interested users against each other to invite highly competitive candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. For highly qualified candidates this can be the best opportunity to work and live in Canada permanently.

Requirements to consider for Canadian Experience class

To apply under this category, applicant must have at least1-yearfull-time work experience in Canada within last 3 years. Foreign candidates who are not possessing this level of work experience can’t apply for this.

Work experience requirements

  • Work experience must be obtained in Canada within3 years prior to submit:
    • Application of Invitation.
    • Electronic Application for permanent residence.
  • Skilled work experience must fall under NOC code Skill A, B or 0.
  • Legally obtained work experience
  • Part-time work experience with full-time study may not be counted for this.

In addition to these work level requirements, there are several other requirements which are necessary to meet for this category.


  • For NOC 0 and A, CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7 is necessary on an approved French or English language test.
  • However, for NOC B, CLB level 5 is necessary.


  • Applicant must intend to live any other province than Quebec.

While, submitting Express entry profile, candidate must provide information from several documents like

Identification documents

  • Information from identification is also necessary to provide. Ideally, valid passport.

Results of Language proficiency test

  • All candidates need to provide language proficiency test result proof taken within last two years.

However, make sure to meet all the basic admissibility requirementsof Canada too. Candidate will get CRS score only after submitting Express entry profile. Canadian work experience can benefit the applicant in CRS scores.

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