Refugee & Asylum

Canada is a nation that upholds a right to freedom, a right to life and a right to security and protection that is also supporting Refugees and Humanitarian Grounds since 1951. Candidates who have fled their home country with a logical persecution fear can be granted refugee protection in Canada. The reasons can be any of race, political opinion, religion, social group, nationality, gender/sexual orientation, etc.
A person who has left his country due to the risk of serious human rights violation and ill-treatment because of race or political or religious beliefs and is looking for protection in another country but has not yet been legally acknowledged as a refugee is said to be an Asylum seeker.

How to claim Asylum in Canada?

Candidates who present themselves at an inland Canada Border Services Agency, Canadian port of entry or IRCC may make a claim for Asylum. From there, an IRCC or CBSA agent will identify whether a candidate is eligible for Asylum or not. Although candidate needs to provide logical proof of persecution in his or her home country, besides will also undergo biographic, criminality, biometric and security checks before getting Refugee status in Canada.

Refugee Sponsorship

There are various ways Canadian communities and organizations are sponsoring Refugees. These sponsorships can help Refugees in the process of resettling into a new life in Canada. They can use these sponsorships to find a place to live. Even more, Refugees can get emotional, financial and social help with Refugee Sponsorship programs in Canada. These are the best opportunities for Refugees to resettle their lives within the Canadian community and start to live a better life.
Note: In unfortunate circumstances, candidate’s application can also be denied. In this case, the candidate needs to return back to his home country. However, the candidate may submit an application to the Refugee Appeal Division to appeal the decision if permitted. Keep in mind that the claim must be genuine, as these claims are screened rigorously to prevent fraud.

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