The Best Immigration Lawyer in Surrey

best immigration lawyer in Surrey
best immigration lawyer in Surrey

From applications to appeals and everything in between, our consultants and associated lawyers are among the best immigration lawyers in Surrey. They can defend you in all aspects of immigration law in Canada.

Our dedication to our clients and years of experience, as well as our high success rate in handling immigration issues (applications and appeals), are the foundation of our business. Our track record is proof enough!

How can our affordable immigration lawyer in Surrey help you?

Dealing with immigration issues can be difficult and complicated. Numerous problems could arise before, during, or even after the procedure, with potentially fatal repercussions like imprisonment, deportation, and bans.

When you choose to hire the best immigration lawyer in Surrey, you will have a dedicated advocate and a team of experienced immigration experts who will pursue every avenue for you to obtain or maintain your desired immigration status, whether it be temporary (visa, student visa, or work permit) or permanent (skilled worker immigration, business immigration, or sponsored spouse, child, or parent’s/grandparents immigration).

Furthermore, our immigration lawyers are knowledgeable about how to apply the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to a variety of immigration-related issues.

Citizenship and immigration:

Despite the fact that a lot of individuals (e.g. USA citizens and Green card holders) can visit Canada without a visa, some may require one in order to travel, study, or work there. Others may be forced to apply for refugee protection in Canada due to their circumstances, while some may want to immigrate to Canada and become Permanent Residents. It takes a long time and can be challenging to stay in this country as a refugee or landed immigrant.

Our affordable immigration lawyer in Surrey can assist you in avoiding needless complexities and delays while also making the process of acquiring and maintaining your immigration status here simpler.


You will be provided with the appropriate legal guidance and support throughout. The immigration procedure, regardless of whether your intended stay in Canada is temporary or if you wish to work and reside here permanently.

Why choose CMC Immigration to get the help of the best immigration lawyer in Surrey?

CMC Immigration Services Inc. is a client-focused, innovative firm that seeks to offer potential immigrants full immigration advice. You can discover enthusiastic and energized professionals in our organization that want to assist you in realizing your aspirations on Canadian land.

Among reasonably priced immigration lawyers and advisors, we have a proven track record of success. To make the process effective and secure for our clients, we use the best technology and systems.

Permanent Residency, Express Entry, LMIA Applications, Visitor Visa, Work Permits, Study Permits, Investor Immigration, Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) Applications, Spouse & Family Sponsorship, Super Visa, Caregiver (Nanny) Permits, Citizenship Applications, and other immigration-related services are just a few of the immigration-related services we facilitate.

If you are looking for an affordable immigration consultant or lawyer in Surrey, we are the right choice for you. Our high-quality services are not only reasonably priced, but also our immigration lawyers are highly dedicated, reliable and efficient. Call us now!

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